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Denpasar Festival 2017 and Celebrating New Year 2018

Denpasar city in celebrating for new year 2018, as the capital of Bali province, will perform and glittering with a series of art event performance, the event named Denpasar Festival 2017. Which the event it’s self will take the place at Catur Muka, Gajah Mada street and percisely at the heart of the Bali capital province, the event wil start from December 28 until 31 December 2017, the climact of the event to celebrating new year 2018, the event is also purpose inform to the wolrd that Bali is still safe for tourism visitor, while the issue travel warning regarding the condition of the mount Agung, for this moment the condition of the mount Agung in carefully status for circle 8-10 kilometer, its mean that Bali is safe to be visit.

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The 39th Bali Art Festival 2017 “ Ulun Danu”.

The Bali Arts Festival Parade Opening.


The Bali Arts Festival (PKB) 2017 is held again in Taman Budaya Bali or Art Center. The parade was launched by the Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo on Jalan Raya Puputan, Renon, in the front of Niti mandala Renon Denpasar on 10 June 2017, the 39th Bali arts festival this year take the theme “Ulun Danu” which mean to the fertilization, In the meaning of water as a source of fertility, districts / cities are given the freedom to translate the water element into a form of arable work of art according to cultural heritage, natural heritage, customs, traditions, religious ceremonies.

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The 37 Balinese art festival 2015 Parade.

Balinese art festival Parade.


Denpasar – on last Saturday noon (6/13/2015) The 37 Balinese Arts Festival parade has been Open lively in the front of Niti Madala renon ground. The Balinese arts festivals this year take the theme “jagadhita”. The President of the Republic of Indonesia Ir Joko Widodo who previously planned to open the 37 Balinese Arts Festival unable to attend.

The parade is opened in the front of Niti Mandala renon ground- Denpasar, the parade is followed by a hundred of Balinese artist from each of regency in Bali and also some from out side BALI regency.

Below is some photo from the Opening parade.


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The Mekare-Kare, Pandanus war Ceremonial

Pandanus War ceremonial at Tengangan Village.


Tenganan village communities have different beliefs than generally Balinese. People in the village of Tenganan Hinduism Indra. Adherent of Hinduism Indra not distinguishes his people into castes. They also put the god Indra as the supreme god. Community Tenganan village believe that they occupy a prize of Lord Indra.

Long time ago Tenganan area is headed by a cruel king named Maya Denawa. Maya Denawa thought of himself as a god. In addition considers himself a god, Maya Denata also prohibits public Tenganan to perform religious rituals. Recognition Maya Denata as god made the wrath of the god, then god Indra Maya Denata sent to fight. The battle between Lord Indra Maya Denata and won by Lord Indra. The battle between the god Indra Maya Denata and is now in the village of Tenganan commemorated with a ceremony pandanus war, because the god Indra is the god of war.

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The Barong Brutuk.

The sacred ritual dance from Trunyan Village.

barong brutukThe Barong Brutuk dance is including a rare type of dance that is danced only at certain day’s times. The Barong has a more primitive form than other types of Balinese barong. Barong mask is made from coconut shells and costumes made of banana leaf or dried banana leaves. This The Barong symbolizes the holy beings (attendants Ida Ratu Pancering Jagat) which stay in Pancering Jagat temple, Trunyan. The dancers are teenagers who have been purified, which each carry a whip which is played while running around the temple. The Barong who danced with gamelan music or Babonangan Balaganjur which is only found in the area Trunyan-Kintamani.

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Balinese Gambelan Gender.

Gambelan Gender.

Gambelan Gender

Gamelan gender wayang is a style of gamelan music played on Bali, Indonesia. It is required for wayang and other, most sacred Bali Hindu rituals. The smallest of gamelan ensembles, it requires only two players and is complete at four, the additional instruments doubling an octave above. Like other gamelan genres it incorporates delicate interlocking melodies and active contrapuntal movement, yet poses unique challenges in technique and composition.

Gender Wayang is small component music instrument which is basically performance to accompany background music for Wayang Kulit and Wayang Wong with the underlying instrument consisting of 4 tone gender barreled slendro (five- tone). Fourth gender consists of a pair of gender pemade (tone rather large) and a pair of kantilan (tone is rather small). Fourth gender, respectively bladed ten (two octaves) played by using 2 stick.

Gender wayang is also used to accompany the ceremony Manusa Yadnya ( cutting teeth ) and Pitra Yadnya ceremony ( cremation ) .and to accompany the puppet show weak ( without color ) ,For both the ceremony gambelan gender only used a pair of gender .

For gender cremation ceremony 2 mounted on both sides of Bade (corpse bearers) and played all the way to the grave. To accompany the puppet show of the Ramayana , the Mahabharata and the Ramayana wayang wong ( Parwa ) , 2 pairs of gender is equipped with a pair of small drums , a pair of small cengceng , a Kajar , klenang and other instruments , thus giving birth to a barungan called Gamelan Gender Wayang Batel .

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Photo Gallery

All Balimegacultures Photo Gallery.

Photo gallery from Balimegacultures is additional categories on this blog which all the photo is Photographic collection which take by owner by I Wayan Mega Satya that all the photo are taken in Bali, about the tradition, Balinese dance, beach panoramic, tourist holiday in Bali, and many other thing which still relation to Balinese island.

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Bali Art festival 35th, 2013 has been opened

Bali Art festival Annual Event,

Bali art festival 2013 has been opened by the president of republic Indonesia MR Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on 15 June 13 at Bajara Sandhi Renon, this annual event following by many artist both from and outside Bali.

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Gambelan Slonding

Gambelan Slonding At Tenganan Pegringsingan.

ImageGamelan Selonding is made of iron barreled slendro of seven line the tone is quite rare and very sacred by the villagers of Tenganan Pegringsingan and Bongaya (Karangasem regency).

The gamelan is played to accompanies traditional Bali Aga various efforts that carried out by the native community at tenganan and to accompany dance Abuang, Pandan War (Makare-karean) and others.

Among people of Tenganan Pagringsingan gamelan Selonding called Bhatara Bagus Selonding. The history of the Gambelan Selonding is associated with a mythology that says that in ancient times the people of Tenganan hear the roar of the air that comes in waves. In the first wave of the sound was off at Bongaya (Tenganan northeast) and the second wave sound down Pagringsingan Tenganan region. After the loss of sound was found Selonding gamelan (which amounts to three blades). The blades were then developed to become gamelan Selonding like now.

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Balinese Traditional Lady Costume

Payas Agung Gadis Bali .

Payas Agung Gadis Bali.

Payas Lelunakan Gadis Bali.

All Foto owner By I wayan Mega, Copy Right protected and reserved 2012.

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