Posted by: balimegacultures | December 4, 2010

Bali Bag Travel tips.

Travel tips.

Young dynamic fully of energy and idea, need something differences and lot of challenger out door where the beat of adrenaline is blow up full the mind of young tourist. For those who need something difference and bored for it daily activities traveling is the best solution. Bali is the best choice for those who might want to escape from their daily business and enjoyed the beautiful panorama and tradition, do not worry about the budget there are cheaper traveling in Bali but get same benefit, name Bali bag bikers traveling.

Here some of tips for The Bagpakers traveling in Bali.

1. Make sure that you are in god condition and of course brave.
2. Find a lot of information about Bali and its tradition (newspaper or internet).
3. find information about motel with economic budget (newspaper or internet)
4. Make sure that you have the map of Bali.
5. Buy air plan ticket.
6. Prepare all your goods in big ransel (cloth, wallet, passport, visa)
7. Do the money charger into Rupiah
8. Make sure that you have drive license and can drive motor bike.
9. In Bali find a place for rent car a motor bike and make sure the condition of the motor bike is in good condition or a new one.
10. Please use helmet and any kind of self drive safety.
11. If you lost please ask to police officer that you can find in any police office in very place in Bali or you can call
12. Respect all the roles along touring in bali
13. Respect all the roles along you drive in the road and have a nice trip in Bali.

Bag biker tips traveling in Bali it easy if you followed all the tips and find about many think of Bali, so have a nice backpacker trips in Bali.

Do not hesitate to contact us about any info bag bikers in Bali.


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