Posted by: balimegacultures | November 25, 2012

Gambelan Slonding

Gambelan Slonding At Tenganan Pegringsingan.

ImageGamelan Selonding is made of iron barreled slendro of seven line the tone is quite rare and very sacred by the villagers of Tenganan Pegringsingan and Bongaya (Karangasem regency).

The gamelan is played to accompanies traditional Bali Aga various efforts that carried out by the native community at tenganan and to accompany dance Abuang, Pandan War (Makare-karean) and others.

Among people of Tenganan Pagringsingan gamelan Selonding called Bhatara Bagus Selonding. The history of the Gambelan Selonding is associated with a mythology that says that in ancient times the people of Tenganan hear the roar of the air that comes in waves. In the first wave of the sound was off at Bongaya (Tenganan northeast) and the second wave sound down Pagringsingan Tenganan region. After the loss of sound was found Selonding gamelan (which amounts to three blades). The blades were then developed to become gamelan Selonding like now.


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