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Bali Art festival 35th, 2013 has been opened

Bali Art festival Annual Event,

Bali art festival 2013 has been opened by the president of republic Indonesia MR Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on 15 June 13 at Bajara Sandhi Renon, this annual event following by many artist both from and outside Bali.


This cultural Parade displays a variety of arts attractions and Balinese culture and a number of Provincial in Indonesian, one of them is Papua. Timor leste is foreign state which participant who showing their culture art in this parade.


The parade starts at 14.00 pm took the intersection of Jalan Mohammad Yamin, Renon, heading west past the Bajra Sandhi Monument and finish in front of the Office of Regional Development Bank (BPD) Bali.


Such as previous years, the parade was witnessed by thousands of citizens of Bali and tourists, both domestic and foreign, even though their rained in the mid-event, but it not dampen people enthusiasm to watch this cultural parade.


As much as 15 thousand artists enliven the Bali Arts Festival which has entered the 35th year on June 15 to 13 July 2013 in Denpasar Cultural Park (art center).


These Balinese art performances watches for free by people take the theme “Taksu”, Raising the Creativity and Identity”.


Taksu Bali.

IMG_2444The Bali Art.

IMG_2485The balicultures


All Photo owner and copy right by I wayan Mega


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