Posted by: balimegacultures | July 4, 2013

Photo Gallery

All Balimegacultures Photo Gallery.

Photo gallery from Balimegacultures is additional categories on this blog which all the photo is Photographic collection which take by owner by I Wayan Mega Satya that all the photo are taken in Bali, about the tradition, Balinese dance, beach panoramic, tourist holiday in Bali, and many other thing which still relation to Balinese island.

Black White Lady Make Up

black white

Woman and dog on the beach,

428418_4829832863802_1315427818_nRomantic couple at The beach

923140_4853192527779_253525131_nDown Front face

935808_10200190847353991_252139417_nBlack white Balinese face right side,

1069920_10200249992552584_860677550_nOld Woman, At Padang Bay, Merchant the Balinese Kain

547299_4726819248526_1199003933_nSun Set At Kedongan

62708_4554391377937_2115944341_nBalinese Dance (Blind Queen)

1003096_10200231910980556_1173229864_nBehind the stage

1069141_10200239604132880_297891006_nFull Face Smile


All Photo Gallery are ownership and copy right by I Wayan Mega, All Photo Copy Right Protected.


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