Posted by: balimegacultures | March 20, 2014

Balinese Gambelan Gender.

Gambelan Gender.

Gambelan Gender

Gamelan gender wayang is a style of gamelan music played on Bali, Indonesia. It is required for wayang and other, most sacred Bali Hindu rituals. The smallest of gamelan ensembles, it requires only two players and is complete at four, the additional instruments doubling an octave above. Like other gamelan genres it incorporates delicate interlocking melodies and active contrapuntal movement, yet poses unique challenges in technique and composition.

Gender Wayang is small component music instrument which is basically performance to accompany background music for Wayang Kulit and Wayang Wong with the underlying instrument consisting of 4 tone gender barreled slendro (five- tone). Fourth gender consists of a pair of gender pemade (tone rather large) and a pair of kantilan (tone is rather small). Fourth gender, respectively bladed ten (two octaves) played by using 2 stick.

Gender wayang is also used to accompany the ceremony Manusa Yadnya ( cutting teeth ) and Pitra Yadnya ceremony ( cremation ) .and to accompany the puppet show weak ( without color ) ,For both the ceremony gambelan gender only used a pair of gender .

For gender cremation ceremony 2 mounted on both sides of Bade (corpse bearers) and played all the way to the grave. To accompany the puppet show of the Ramayana , the Mahabharata and the Ramayana wayang wong ( Parwa ) , 2 pairs of gender is equipped with a pair of small drums , a pair of small cengceng , a Kajar , klenang and other instruments , thus giving birth to a barungan called Gamelan Gender Wayang Batel .


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