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The Barong Brutuk.

The sacred ritual dance from Trunyan Village.

barong brutukThe Barong Brutuk dance is including a rare type of dance that is danced only at certain day’s times. The Barong has a more primitive form than other types of Balinese barong. Barong mask is made from coconut shells and costumes made of banana leaf or dried banana leaves. This The Barong symbolizes the holy beings (attendants Ida Ratu Pancering Jagat) which stay in Pancering Jagat temple, Trunyan. The dancers are teenagers who have been purified, which each carry a whip which is played while running around the temple. The Barong who danced with gamelan music or Babonangan Balaganjur which is only found in the area Trunyan-Kintamani.

Pura Pancering Jagat located at Trunyan Village, Bangli regency. In the temple there is a large statue of naked approximately 4 meters tall named Bhatara Datonta or Bhatara Queen Pancering Jagat. Cultural heritage statue alleged large stone, carved simple, but very fierce expression, his left hand hinge loose on the left side of his body; flexed his right hand over his shoulder toward the back, the position of axes; striking down his genitals, but gently. Just below it there is a vital tool hole depicting female genitals. Both are considered a symbol of the vital force of men and women. This symbol is thought to form the beginning of the phallus and yoni, the power of Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma in the Hindu tradition. Bhatara Queen Pancering Jagat has as many as 21 people Unen-Unen in the form called Barong mask Brutuk. In terms of iconography, the barong barong face masks resemble primitive face, large eyes with white or brown, allegedly cultural heritage of pre-Hindu Bali. Form-barong mask that is similar to the ancient masks contained in Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua it similar to primitive masks on the African continent.

Barong Brutuk was danced by the male dancers drawn from members wipe cadets in the village. Barong-barong dance before the sacred cadets must pass through the process of sanctification for 42 days. They stay around Bhatara Datonta and every day charge of cleaning the temple yard and learn the ancient chant called Song. During the process of sanctification, the cadets were prohibited from dealing with the women in the village. Other activities during undergo purification process, which collects banana leaves from the village Plate is used as a dance dress Brutuk. Banana leaves were dried and then woven with rope peel (banana trees) used as a kind of skirt that will be used by the dancers Brutuk. Each dancer uses two or three sets of clothing from banana leaves, some hung on the waist and partly on the shoulder, under the neck. Dancers Brutuk use cawet are also made from banana tree rope.

The Barong Brutuk staged in the afternoon right when starting the Feast Odalan at Temple of Queen Pancering Jagat. Brutuk ceremony usually lasts for 3 consecutive days beginning at 12:00 noon and ended around 17:00 pm. The dancers Brutuk who use the clothes dried banana leaves, and the headdress of the leaf; a function as the King Brutuk, a function as a queen, a function as Patih, a sister serves as the Queen, and the rest became a regular member. Brutuk dance that illustrates the concept of dichotomy in public life Trunyan, namely two groups of people, men and women.

The barong Brutuk dance ceremony began with the appearance of the Unen-Unen level members. They surround the temple walls of each three times, waving the whip to the spectators, participants of the ceremony. Whip made a squeak and fear-goers. At afternoon , the stage of the ritual ceremony was paused, and the dancers are welcome break so as not to run out of steam, then mask the They raised to the top, like a knight’s helmet kingdom, and the dancers lay down in the shade of the roof of the temple, while some members older village fanning their bodies. Later in the afternoon, a woman officer offered some offerings for the The barong Brutuk dance itself, celebrating the fact that they already possessed Dewa.Masih on the evening of that day, the last stage of the ritual performances dimulai.Sepasang King and Queen, now danced the ancient movement, which mimics the behavior behavior of wild partridge. The King as binoculars (rooster) and the Queen dancing as kiuh (hen). Poultry was widely available in the area around Trunyan.


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