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The Mekare-Kare, Pandanus war Ceremonial

Pandanus War ceremonial at Tengangan Village.


Tenganan village communities have different beliefs than generally Balinese. People in the village of Tenganan Hinduism Indra. Adherent of Hinduism Indra not distinguishes his people into castes. They also put the god Indra as the supreme god. Community Tenganan village believe that they occupy a prize of Lord Indra.

Long time ago Tenganan area is headed by a cruel king named Maya Denawa. Maya Denawa thought of himself as a god. In addition considers himself a god, Maya Denata also prohibits public Tenganan to perform religious rituals. Recognition Maya Denata as god made the wrath of the god, then god Indra Maya Denata sent to fight. The battle between Lord Indra Maya Denata and won by Lord Indra. The battle between the god Indra Maya Denata and is now in the village of Tenganan commemorated with a ceremony pandanus war, because the god Indra is the god of war.


Pandanus war is one of the Balinese traditions that still exist in the village of Tenganan, District Karangasem, Bali. Pandanus war also referred to as Makere-kare. The ceremony of pandanus war became an attraction for tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. The role of pandanus is one tradition that is performed in honor of the god Indra or God of war. The war was part of the ritual pandan Sasihh sembah . Sasih worship ritual is the largest in the village of Tenganan. Pandanus war conducted every fifth month in a calendar or sasih kalima traditional village of Tenganan calendar. The ritual of pandanus war lasted for two days in a row. The ritual is performed once a year. The war pandan held from 2 pm until completed for three hours. Pandanus war conducted by youth Tenganan village boy and outside the village of Tenganan.The young man from the village serves as pandanus war while the youth participants from outside the village as a participant support. Children who have started growing up have also been taking part in this ceremony. This ceremony can also be a symbol of a child become youth. The Participants of pandan war of Tenganan wear traditional clothes called woven Pegringsingan. People only use gloves or a man called Kamen, shawl or called saput, and headband or udeng. The man was not wearing aka shirtless

The tradition Pandanus war performed using barbed pandanus as a tool or weapon to fight. Pandan thorny is used already tied so shaped like a mace. Participants also shield pandanus war. The shield is used to protect themselves from attack opponents. Shield used in war pandan made of woven rattan.

Pandanus war accompanied by gamelan music seloding. Seloding is a musical instrument in the area of Tenganan which should only be played by people who are sanctified. This instrument is also not carelessly played, but only on certain events. Such a tool has restrictions that should not be violated is not allowed to touch the ground.


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