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The 39th Bali Art Festival 2017 “ Ulun Danu”.

The Bali Arts Festival Parade Opening.


The Bali Arts Festival (PKB) 2017 is held again in Taman Budaya Bali or Art Center. The parade was launched by the Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo on Jalan Raya Puputan, Renon, in the front of Niti mandala Renon Denpasar on 10 June 2017, the 39th Bali arts festival this year take the theme “Ulun Danu” which mean to the fertilization, In the meaning of water as a source of fertility, districts / cities are given the freedom to translate the water element into a form of arable work of art according to cultural heritage, natural heritage, customs, traditions, religious ceremonies.

The parade follows Purwa Daksina procession (clockwise), start from Jalan Ir. Juanda and ended in front of the State of Finance Building. The performance begins with “Okokan / Tektekan”, Br. Casting Crawling, Tabanan; In front of the stage of honor “Main” music “Gong Gede”, offerings by Sekaa Gong Gede Banjaran Sari, Sukawati; And “Semara Pegulingan”, Gita Mahardika, Sukawati, Gianyar; And at the end is presented the classical tabuh “Gong Kebyar”, Sekaa Gong Java Pangus, Tatiapi – Gianyar.

Bali art Festival (PKB) lasts for a whole month from 10 June to 8 July 2017 the art event is staged starting at 10.00 Am and end at 20.00 Pm, In addition to performing arts, the event also presents a variety of culinary and Balinese souvenir traders.

Each of the regency in Bali has present their contingent to follow the opening Parade Bali art festival 2017 here are some photo form the opening Bali art parade as below.

Photo 1.

Photo 2.

Photo 3.

Photo 4.

Photo 5.

Photo 6.

Photo 7.

Photo 8.

Photo 9.

Photo 10.

Photo 11.

All photo owner and protected copy right by Balimegacultures press

June 11, 2017


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